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Save Your Holy Land Association (SYHLA) is established by young University Students and Graduates in December, 2011. Before it got recognition as an association from the federal ministry of Justice (MoJ), it has been operating at club level by organizing the Local young residents of Lalibela.

Major Projects By SYHLA

Women and Their Children’s Health

Project target districts: Lasta, Meket and Bugna. Donor: Plan International Ethiopia (PIE). Project target beneficiaries: 101,209 women in child bearing age.Total Budget: 9,282,387.00ETB Project Implementation period: July, 2012 To May, 2015

Yekokeb Berhan Project for Highly Vulnerable Children

Project target districts: Lalibela, Meket, Woldia, Kobo, Gidan, and Mersa. Donor: Pact Ethiopia/USAID). Project target beneficiaries: 15,459 HVC and 10014 Household. Total Budget: 17,000,000.00ETB. Project Implementation period: September, 2011 to March, 2015

Improving the wellbeing of Children and Girls at risk

Project target districts: Lalibela Town Administration. Donor: British Council/Civil Society Support Program. Project target beneficiaries: 2000 school Children who are affected by the adverse effect of tourism. Total Budget: 2,049,500.00 ETB. Project Implementation period: January, 2014 to December, 2015

Lalibela Destitute Children Support Project

Project target districts: Lalibela Town Administration. Donor: World Families Australia. Project target beneficiaries: 16 vulnerable Children. Total Budget: 350,000.00ETB. Project Implementation period: September, 2014 to August, 2015

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